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Hay Day Game Online

it’s time to get up, greet the morning, and get to work on the old farm. It may not be the most glamorous job out there, but even the most cosmopolitan and technologically-advanced cities would be in a lot of trouble if they didn’t have at least one farm to back them up.

In Hay Day, you will take control of one such farm. Everything about it is yours to control! You will decide on the look, you will determine the layout of the fields and facilities, and you will ultimately choose what goods you want to produce.

Make Your Farm in Hay Day

The world of Hay Day is a truly remarkable little place, with colorful visuals and charming characters. By building a farm, you can leave your own mark on it. Get your creative juices flowing; no two Hay Day farms will ever be alike.


Till fields, set up buildings, clear out trees, and determine the overall layout for your farm with a few strokes of your finger. Give your farm its own unique name. Collect valuable gems to speed up the construction process of fields, buildings and facilities.

No farm is complete without a few fields worth of crops to raise. Just about every delicious dish that we know of begins life as a few humble little seeds, so treat your plants as if they were your own children. Take good care of them and they’ll take good care of you down the line.

Grow dozens of crops, including wheat, corn, sugarcane, strawberries, potatoes, cacao beans and more! Harvesting is easy. Just run your finger over your plants after they’ve ripened and they’ll be ready for storage or the market in seconds. Build silos to store your harvest. Be on the lookout for special items while you harvest. You might come across useful materials as you work, including screws, saws and even deeds for land.
Raise Your Animals

Animals play a big role in farm life and Hay Day online is no different in this regard. Just like in real life, animals provide foodstuffs and resources you can’t otherwise find growing in the dirt. They also add a lot more personality to your little virtual patch of paradise.

Raise all sorts of animals, including cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and goats. Provide them with a regular supply of food and water to keep them healthy and happy. Collect valuable goods from your livestock, like milk, eggs and wool. Purchase some non-producing animals like cats, horses and dogs. Earn extra experience from them as you watch them add even more life to your farm.

You have your wheat and you have your milk. Do you think you’re good to go to market yet? Slow down; you can do a whole lot more with your harvest. Harvested and collected goods can be used to produce even bigger and more complicated goods. You can make a lot of money producing and selling this stuff, provided you’re also willing to get the right equipment.

Refine existing materials into products. Turn your wheat into bread, make butter and cheese from your milk, convert sugarcane into white and brown sugar, and so on. By combining existing goods and products, you can produce even more profitable stuff, like pizza, blackberry muffins, buttered popcorn, pancakes and more.
Buy specialized machines to “cook” your ingredients and make the products. Get a cake oven, barbeque grill, coffee kiosk and candy machine.

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